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IBM IBM 3592 Tape Controller Model C07 (3592-C07)

IBM IBM 3592 Tape Controller Model C07 (3592-C07)
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  • The new IBM System Storage Tape Controller Model C07 delivers performance and reliability for IBM System z® customers.
  • Tape Controller Model C07 has up to four 4-Gbps FICON attachments. The Tape Controller Model C07 offers four 8-Gbps Fibre Channel adapters for attaching 3592 Tape Drives, and up to 16 of the IBM 3592 Tape Drives can be attached to a single Tape Controller Model C07.
  • The controller can be installed in an IBM 3952 Tape Frame Model F05, IBM TS3500 (3584) Tape Library frames, and stand-alone racks.
  • The Tape Controller Model C07 can be ordered with integrated library management functionality. This replaces the need for a separate 3953-L05 Library Manager.
  • For high availability, the first two Model C07 controllers that are connected to a common TS3500 logical library will both have the library management feature. This will allow library activity to continue during code loads and outages on any single controller.
  • To reduce the need for software updates, the library management interface to the System z server will remain unchanged for this functionality.