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IBM blade servers, data storage and network storage products

The amount of data that most organisations have to deal with is reckoned to be doubling every 18 to 24 months. If you are working on a ‘big data’ project this can quickly and easily multiply these factors even further. Similarly, Cloud computing is expected to be deployed by as much as 90% of organisations over the next five years.

These factors (and more) mean that your IT infrastructure needs to be flexible, scalable and secure to enable you to take advantage of the opportunities these changes present. In particular, they require a new approach to storage that offers a more intelligent, efficient and automated way of doing things.

IBM disk storage

IBM disk storage systems provide storage efficiency solutions such as Real-time Compression, automated tiering, virtualisation, and thin provisioning. With a range of systems that cover every network disk storage requirement including:

• Enterprise – DS8000, IBM XIV and SONAS
• Midrange – Storwize V7000, DS5000, DS5020 and DCS3700
• Entry – Storwize V3700 and DS3500 Express
• Expansion – EXP5060, EXP3512, EXP3524 and EXP2500 Express

The Storwize V7000 system comes with the guarantee that if you can’t store 50% more data with IBM Real-time compression, then IBM will make up the difference.

Whatever your requirements for the IBM network disk storage, Coworth have many years experience designing and implementing solutions and can advise you as to the best solution for your needs.

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IBM Ultrium Tape Cleaning Cartridge (35L2086)

Only IBM or StorageSmart by IBM brand Ultrium cleaning cartridges can be used to clean your IBM Ultrium tape products. The IBM brand cleaning cartridges are specifically matched to the heads and tape path components used in IBM Ultrium tape products. Each cleaning cartridge contains a memory module used for identification of the cartridge. Other brands of cleaning cartridges may not work in IBM Ultrium tape products and may be ejected if they are inserted in the tape drive or cause irreversible damage to the IBM Ultrium drive, which is not covered by the drive warranty or service agreements

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 IBM Ultrium Tape Cleaning Cartridge (35L2086) get a quick quote

IBM 3590 Tape Media (05H4434)

  • Length 320m / 1050ft
Capacity when used with:
  • 3590-B1A 128 Track Tape Unit: 10Gb Native & 30Gb Compressed
  • 3590-E1A 256 Track Tape Unit: 20Gb Native & 60Gb Compressed
  • 3590-H1A 384 Track Tape Unit: 30Gb Native & 90Gb Compressed

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 IBM 3590 Tape Media (05H4434) get a quick quote