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IBM BladeCenter Servers and Parts

With the need for data storage increasing rapidly the capital cost, physical space, power & cooling costs and setup requirements can soon mount up. Blade servers can help overcome these problems by offering all the functional components of a traditional server but with a modular design that is optimised to minimise its physical size and energy usage.

Additionally, they allow for reduced complexity and simplified, centralised management due to the fact that they share resources such as switches and interface cards. When used in conjunction with virtualisation they can provide the framework for a future-proof data center.

BladeCenter H (8852)

 New ultra-efficient power supplies (94% efficient and 80 PLUS Platinum Certified¹) and cooling enhancements to support most demanding high-performance blade servers.
Open and easy management tools deliver advanced, proactive management, providing rich and broad systems management capabilities.
Predictive Failure Analysis helps save you time and money by decreasing unplanned downtime.
Calibrated Vectored Cooling™ helps maintain the health of your system by keeping internal components cool.

9U rack-optimized chassis
Up to 14 blade server bays
Up to four legacy, four high-speed and four bridge module bays supporting Virtual Fabric, FcOE,10 Gb Ethernet, 8 Gb Fibre Channel, InfiniBand and more
Up to four 2980 W hot-swap and redundant load-balancing power supply modules
High-availability midplane helps enable maximum uptime and investment protection for future technologies

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