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IBM IBM Hardware Management Console CR4 (7310-CR4)

IBM IBM Hardware Management Console CR4 (7310-CR4)
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The IBM Rack-mounted Hardware Management Console (HMC) (7310-CR4) is a dedicated workstation for system and partition control of POWER5 or POWER5+ processor-based servers.

The HMC delivers:

  • Logical partitioning (LPAR) control:
  • Creation and storage of system and partition profiles
  • Ability to display system and partition resources and status
  • Capacity on Demand, Mobile Capacity on Demand, and Managed On/Off Capacity on Demand resource control
  • Boot, start, and stop actions for the system or individual partitions
  • An imbedded DVD-RAM for easy creation and storage of configuration backup information
  • HMC install, backup, and restore via network interface
  • Serviceability tools are provided for determining problems and providing service support through the Internet (SSL supported for call-home via HTTPS) or via modem
  • Remote sharing support for i5/OS system console sessions through the 5250 Console Proxy
  • System p server environments controlled by IBM Cluster Systems Management (CSM) V1.6, or later
  • Renewable Agreement for Machine Control Program Remote Support