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IBM DS5300 Disk System 1818-53A (1818-53A)

IBM DS5300 Disk System 1818-53A (1818-53A)
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  • The IBM DS5300 Model 53A is a high-performance storage con-troller.
  • The DS5300 storage controller is packaged in a 4U rack-mountable enclosure and has dual-active RAID controllers that operate at 4 Gbps or 8 Gbps FC speeds and 1 Gbps speed for attachment to iSCSI hosts.
  • The DS5300 offers modular host ports that provide a choice of eight or sixteen FC host ports (four or eight ports per RAID controller); or four or eight iSCSI host ports (two or four ports per controller); or a combination of eight FC host ports and four iSCSI host ports (four FC host ports and two iSCSI host ports per controller). The FC host port cards come with the appropriate number of pluggable, shortwave SFP transceivers to populate the host ports.
  • The DS5300 is designed with sixteen disk expansion ports for attachment of EXP5000 Storage Expansion Units and EXP5060 High Density Storage Enclosures. Shortwave 4 Gbps SFP transceivers are used to populate the disk expansion ports. The DS5300 must have a minimum of eight and a maximum of sixteen expansion ports populated. Users must populate the disk expansion ports using Shortwave 4 Gbps SFP transceiver pair feature (#2412) which provides two SFP transceivers and populates two disk expansion ports.
  • The DS5300 comes with base support that enables attachment of up to 28 EXP5000 expansion units providing up to 896 TB of physical storage capacity or can attach up to 8 EXP5060 high density enclosures for up to 960 TB physical storage capacity with requisite attachment features installed.