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IBM EXP5000 Expansion Unit 1818-D1A (1818-D1A)

IBM EXP5000 Expansion Unit 1818-D1A (1818-D1A)
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  •  The IBM 1818 expands the midrange disk storage offerings of high-performance, high availability, business-critical storage solutions with the IBM System Storage DS5000 series.
  • The IBM EXP5000 is a high-capacity Storage Expansion Unit. The EXP5000 is packaged in a 3U rack-mountable enclosure that houses 16 drive bays.
  • The EXP5000 can house up to 16 Fibre Channel or SATA disk drives or a combination of both types of drives.
  • The EXP5000 at-taches to the IBM DS5100 and DS5300 controllers to build physical storage configurations of up to 896 TB using 2 TB SATA disk drives or up to 268.8 TB using 600 GB FC disk drives.
  • Up to 28 EXP5000 expansion units, that houses up to 448 disk drives, can be attached to the DS5100 and DS5300 storage controllers.
  • The EXP5000 attaches to DS5000 controllers and other disk expansion units via four 4 Gbps drive ports.
  • The EXP5000 ships with two ports already populated.