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IBM IBM RS/6000 44P 170 (7044-170)

IBM IBM RS/6000 44P 170 (7044-170)
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The Model 170 can provide you with either a 2D or 3D workstation or a powerful workgroup server.

The model 170 offers:
  • POWER3-II microprocessor (choice of three speeds, 333 MHz, 400 MHz, or 450 MHz)
  • 64-bit system architecture
  • Concurrent 32-bit and 64-bit application support
  • Built-in service processor
  • Ultra2 SCSI disk support
  • SSA RAID disk support
Workstation benefits: 
  • Top performing workstation and 3D graphics for CAD/CAM and petroleum visualization applications
  • Twice the memory of the Model 150 to support larger MCAD and CAE models
  • Choice of 3D graphics accelerators
Server benefits
  • Powerful, affordable 64-bit workgroup or e-business server
  • Six bays and six slots, and up to 2 GB of memory