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IBM IBM Power 755 (8236-E8C)

IBM IBM Power 755 (8236-E8C)
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 The IBM Power 755 Server, Model 8236-E8C offers:
  • Four 8-core POWER7 modules, each with 4 MB L3 cache/core and also 256 KB L2 cache/core
  • Up to 256 GB of 1066 GHz DDR3 memory
  • Five PCI slots (three PCIe and two PCI-X)
  • One slot for a 12X InfiniBand adapter
  • Eight SFF SAS bays in the CEC for disk or solid-state drives
  • Up to 72 TB disk storage using CEC and EXP12S SAS I/O drawers
  • Integrated 10/100/1000 Mb quad-port Virtual Ethernet or dual-port 10 Gb Virtual Ethernet
  • EnergyScale™ technology
  • Integrated DVD-RAM drive
  • 4U rack-mount configuration