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IBM IBM Power 770 (9117-MMC)

IBM IBM Power 770 (9117-MMC)
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The IBM Power 770, Model 9117-MMC offers:
  • Up to 64 POWER7® cores with four processor enclosures per server
  • One IBM® POWER7 processor card per processor enclosure: 16-core at 3.30 GHz or 12-core at 3.72 GHz
  • Up to 4.0 TB of DDR3 memory with frequencies up to 1066 MHz, augmented with optional Active Memory™ Mirroring and Active Memory Expansion
  • Enhanced I/O performance with two new, integrated POWER7 I/O controllers per processor drawer
  • Optional Active Memory Mirroring
  • Logical partitions -- up to 640 per system