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IBM IBM RS/6000 44P 270 (7044-270)

IBM IBM RS/6000 44P 270 (7044-270)
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The Model 270 can be either an excellent 2D or 3D workstation or a powerful workgroup server.

The model 270 offers:
  • Up to four processors to lower the cost of a symmetric multiprocessor system
  • Up to 16 GB for memory and compute-intensive analysis, simulation, and modeling tasks.
  • POWER3-II Microprocessor for enhanced performance
Workstation Benefits:
  • Excellent performance for 3D CAD/CAM and petroleum visualization applications
  • Powerful analysis workstation for complex computational chemistry, computational fluid dynamics, and structural analysis applications
Server Benefits:
  • Powerful, affordable workgroup, technical or e-business server
  • Improved floating-point performance to accelerate numerically intensive compute applications
  • Built-in service processor to ensure high system availability