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IBM IBM IntelliStation model 275 (9114-275)

IBM IBM IntelliStation model 275 (9114-275)
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The IntelliStation POWER 275 offers:

  • Outstanding value for a 3D symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) workstation
  • Excellent performance for 3D CAD/CAM and petroleum visualization applications
  • Powerful analysis workstation for complex computational chemistry, computational fluid dynamics, and structural analysis applications
  • One one-way or two-way state-of-the art, 64-bit POWER4+ processor running at 1.45 GHz or a one-way running at 1.0 GHz
  • Up to 16 GB of memory
  • Up to 587.2 GB of internal disk storage
  • Four hot-swap disk bays and six PCI-X slots for feature expandability
  • Optional DVD-ROM, DVD-RAM, diskette, and tape